Friday, September 18, 2015

AMI Director Welcomes Peace Marcher Matsuo Machida at Washington Monument.

Mr. Machida was welcomed at Washington Monument | 

Washington, D.C., September 18, 2015 - As an Ambassador for peace, a recognition bestowed by the Universal Peace Federation and Rev. Moon in 2005, Dr. Mike Ghouse was invited to welcome Matsuo Machida at the Washington Monument and speak as a Muslim part of the interfaith gathering. 

Machida is welcomed on his completion of 3000 Miles Journey in 85 days

Mike Ghouse Speaking 

 Mr. Matsuo Machida left San Francisco on June 25 and walked the 3000 miles distance and reached the Washington Monument today at 11:30 AM.  His mission is
to raise awareness for world peace and redemption.

“Matsuo Machida, a 65-year-old taxi driver from Nagano, Japan, never made it further in his education than the ninth grade in Japan, according to a press release. He found his calling at 20-years-old as a missionary in the Unification Church founded by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Machida has a wife and two sons living in Japan.” – Universal Peace Foundation.   

Dr. Ghouse was introduced as the Executive Director of American Muslim Institution, and he spoke, “The highest tribute one can pay to Rev. Moon is to follow his message of peace and reconciliation through forgiveness, and it resonates with me.  God in Quran lays emphasis on forgiveness; it releases both the forgiver and the forgive one. The dearest person to God is the one who forgives, for forgiveness washes ill-will and brings harmony among fellow beings. God loves his creation to live in harmony and function effectively for common good. God bless Mr. Machida for his walk for peace and a reminder that we have to learn to forgive and forgive often.  Aju (Amen)!

Report is carried in different news media, here is the one from Family Federation News

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Machida completes 3000 Miles Journey, welcomed at Washington Memorial

Singing American National Anthem

Dr. Bishop Mark Hernandez and Dr. Mike Ghouse
What a diverse group!

Mike Ghouse is Executive Director of the American Muslim Institution, a proactive voice for American Muslims. He is a thinker, writer and a speaker and is committed to offer pluralistic solutions to issues of the day.

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